Notes for Online Application for Primary One to Four 2020-2021 (2nd Term)

English Version / 中文版

1. Parents who would like their child to be admitted to our school (Primary One to Four: 2nd Term), please visit our school website and apply online from 9:00am on 24th November 2020 (Tuesday) to 5:00pm on 14th December 2020 (Monday).
School Website: → For Public → Admissions 2020-2021(2nd Term)
2. Age requirement
Application for entry to Primary One: born on or before 31st December 2014
Application for entry to Primary Two: born on or before 31st December 2013
Application for entry to Primary Three: born on or before 31st December 2012
Application for entry to Primary Four: born on or before 31st December 2011
3. Only online applications will be accepted. The procedure for online application is only applicable to desktop computers.
4. Applicants must complete the application procedure and pay the application fee within an hour. Otherwise, it will be regarded as giving up the application. Applicants will have to start the application procedure again.
5. Before starting the online application, please scan the following documents
(The size of each file: 500kb-1MB. File Name: Application for Primary_Name in English, e.g. P1_CHAN TAI MAN).
(i) a recent passport photo (in JPG format);
(ii) candidate’s birth certificate (in PDF format)
(If the candidate was not born in Hong Kong, please upload the document certifying his/her right of abode.);
(iii) the candidate’s School Reports for the past 1-2 years (in PDF format).
(*File Name: Application for Primary_Name in English_Year of School Reports, e.g. P1_CHAN TAI MAN_K3)
6. The application fee is HK$120. It must be paid at the time of application via PayPal (an online instant payment system). No refunds will be given.
7. After completing the application procedure, please check the application status. If your application is accepted, ‘Application Accepted’ will be displayed on the screen. Please check the input data is accurate and the related documents have been uploaded successfully by logging in "Application Particulars".
8. Primary One to Four Entrance Examination will be held on 18th December 2020, Friday, 2:30-4:45pm.
Candidates must download, print and present the Application Form to the teacher-in-charge at 2:15pm that day. Please be punctual. Late comers or absentees will be deemed to have forfeited.
9. Subjects Assessed: Chinese, English and Mathematics (Please bring pencils, a ruler, an eraser and coloured pencils.)
10. When entering the school, please take precautionary measures against COVID-19 by wearing a surgical mask, sterilising your hands and having your body temperature taken. Candidates are required not to have contracted "COVID-19" or have been classified as a "close contact" as a confirmed case of COVID-19 within 14 days by the Department of Health. They have no fever, cough, running nose or sore throat within 7 days.
11. Regardless of whether you are admitted or not, the result will be released at 9:00am on 29th December 2020, Tuesday. Please check the result by logging onto the online application system with the candidate’s birth certificate number and the date of birth (YYYYMMDD). Under no circumstances should enquiries be made by phone.
12. The Commencing Day for transfer students will be 18th January 2021, Monday.
13. According to the privacy policy, all personal data collected will only be used for application purposes. They will be destroyed three months after the date of application.
14. For enquiries, please call us at 3655 3400 during office hours.




Online Application for Primary One to Four 2020-2021 (2nd Term)

Application for Primary One Admission 2020-2021 (2nd Term)
Application for Primary Two Admission 2020-2021 (2nd Term)
Application for Primary Three Admission 2020-2021 (2nd Term)
Application for Primary Four Admission 2020-2021 (2nd Term)













English Version / 中文版

1. 凡報讀本校2020-2021年度小一至小四下學期插班須於2020年11月24日(星期二)上午09:00至2020年12月14日(星期一)下午5:00透過本校網頁進行網上報名 → For Public → Admissions 2020-2021(2nd Term)
2. 報考年齡報考小一2014年12月31日或前出生
3. 只接受網上報名網上報名程序只適用於桌上電腦
4. 申請者必須在一小時內完成整個報名程序及繳付報名費否則將視作放棄論申請者須重新進行報名程序
5. 進行網上報名前請先掃描以下文件備用
(檔案大小為500kb - 1MB檔案名稱報考年級_英文全名例子 P1_CHAN TAI MAN)
(i) 正面半身近照JPG檔
(ii) 考生之出生證明文件PDF檔(如非香港出生者請同時上載可居港證明文件)
(iii) 最近一至兩年成績表PDF檔(*檔案名稱報考年級_英文全名_成績表級別例子 P1_CHAN TAI MAN_K3)
6. 報名費為港幣$120須以有效信用咭透過PayPal系統即時網上繳付報名費不設退款
7. 申請者完成整個報名程序後請檢視申請狀態須顯示已接納申請才被作並請按入申請人資料」,檢查輸入資料正確無誤及確定成功上載相關文件
8. 小一至小四插班生入學筆試日期及時間為2020年12月18日(星期五)下午2:30-4:45
9. 入學筆試評估科目中文英文數學 (請帶備鉛筆間尺擦膠及木顏色)
10. 進入校園時必須遵從校園的防疫措施必須配戴口罩消毒雙手及接受體溫探考生必須在14天內沒有患上2019冠狀病毒病」、沒有被衞生署界定為2019冠狀病毒病確診個案的密切接觸者」、7天內沒有發燒咳嗽流鼻水或咽喉痛等徵狀
11. 取錄與否結果將於2020年12月29日(星期二)上午09:00公布申請者請以考生的出世紙號碼及出生日期(YYYYMMDD)登入網上報名系統查閱結果不設電話查詢
12. 插班生開學日期為2021年1月18日(星期一)
13. 根據個人資料(私隱)條例報名填報的個人資料只用作入學報名用途所有個人資料將於報名程序完成後三個月全部銷毁
14. 如有查詢請於辦公時間內致電本校 3655 3400





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