School Administration

Principal Ms LEUNG Kwai-ying
Vice Principal / Prefect of Studies Ms NG Wai-ling
Assistant Principal / Sports Development Master Mr LEE Kwan-leong
Assistant Principal / Curriculum Development Master Mr TSANG Kin-fun
Discipline Mistress Ms CHAN Lin-lai
Extra-curricular Activities(ECA) Mistress Ms IP Yeuk-yi
Student Affairs Master Mr LEE Fei-lung
Acting Head of IT Committee Ms CHAN Wing-man
Student Guidance Officer (EDB) Mr TAM Chi-wai
Counselling Psychologist Ms MO Lai-ching
Executive Assistant Ms CHUNG Ka-ki
School Estate Management Officer Mr KWOK Chun-chi
Executive Assistant (Resources) Ms LAW Nga-man
Head of Accounts Department Mr WONG Chung-yan
Accounting Officer Ms LIU Yee-man
Clerical Staff Ms CHEN Suk-wai
Clerical Staff Ms CHENG Yin-shan
Clerical Staff Ms YEUNG Siu-fung
Librarian Ms CHAN Wing-lam
IT Technician Mr HON Kin
IT Technician Mr IP Man-kit
IT Technician Mr LI Yiu-fai
Teaching Assistant Ms LUI Shuk-yi
Teaching Assistant Mr CHAN Hoi-fung

Committee Heads

Executive Committee Ms NG Wai-ling
Curriculum Development Committee Mr TSANG Kin-fun
Information & Communication Technology Committee Ms CHAN Wing-man
Discipline Committee Ms CHAN Lin-lai
Counselling Committee Ms CHAN Lin-lai
School Activities Committee Ms IP Yeuk-yi
Student Affairs Committee Mr LEE Fei-lung
Resource Management Committee Ms NG Wai-ling
School-Community Relationship Committee Mr LEE Kwan-leong
School Safety Committee Ms CHAN Lin-lai
Sports Development Committee Mr LEE Kwan-leong

Subject Heads

Chinese Ms YEUNG Pik-kei
  Ms CHEUNG Pui-kei
English Ms CHEUNG Sze-man
  Ms JAP Lai-heung
Mathematics Ms KWOK Choi-ha
  Ms FUNG Shuk-yee
General Studies Ms WONG Ka-wai
  Ms CHAN Yan-kei
Biblical Studies Ms CHAN On-ni
Music Ms IP Yeuk-yi
Physical Education Mr LEE Kwan-leong
Visual Arts Ms POON Lai-man
Computer Studies Ms CHAN Wing-man
Putonghua Ms NGAI Bun