• To enable students to have a positive outlook on life, understand the truth and God's salvation.
  • To help them develop good virtues and guide them to glorify God in daily lives.


Panel Head:
Miss Chan On Ni

Miss Chan Chui Yee
Miss Cheung Sze Man
Miss Fung Shuk Yee
Mr. Fung Si Lok
Miss Fung Sze Ki
Miss Fung Sze Man
Miss Hui Li Li
Miss Leung Anne
Miss Ng Wai Ling
Miss Tang Sze Wah
Mr. Yau Pak Ming
Miss Yau Lan Ying


Characters in Bible
Jesus' words, deeds and teaching
Learning to love God and others
The meaning of Christmas and Easter
Witness of some saints
Reciting proverbs and applying the truth in daily lives


Religious Gatherings
Evangelical Meetings for students
Staff Fellowship
Celebrating Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Worship
Bible Fun Days for students
Prayer Meetings