To strengthen learners' abilities through Information Technology(IT). Students will grasp life-long learning skills, creative problem-solving techniques, and the knowledge and attitudes needed in the information age. They will use IT as a tool for searching information, inquiring knowledge, communicating and cooperating with others, analysing information and self-development.


Panel Head:
Miss Chan Wing Man

Miss Chan Lin Lai
Mr. Lee Fei Lung
Mr. Leung Wing Kit
Miss Lam Chung Chong
Miss Wong Po Lin
Mr. Lo Shing Cheong


Programming Language - Scratch, ScratchJr, Micro:bit
Computer operation and basic skills
iPad applications - Smart Apps Creator
Graphic editing - MS Paint, Photoimpact
Word processing - Notepad, MS Word
Chinese input - Introduction, handwriting recognition device, quick input method
Internet application - Uses of browsers, search engines and emails
Webpage design - MS Word
Spreadsheet - MS Excel
Presentation - MS PowerPoint
Multi-media and animation - Video Studio, iPortfolio


P1 Thank You Card Design Competition
P2 Typing Competition 'The Leader in Me'
P3 ScratchJr Coding Design Competition
P4 'How to renew myself' - A Powerpoint Presentation Competition
P5 Chinese Character Typing Competition (Easy Cangjie) - 'The Leader in Me'
P6 iPortfolio Competition