To strengthen learners' abilities through Information Technology(IT). Students will grasp life-long learning skills, creative problem-solving techniques, and the knowledge and attitudes needed in the information age. They will use IT as a tool for searching information, inquiring knowledge, communicating and cooperating with others, analysing information and self-development.


Panel Head:
Miss Chan Wing Man

Miss Chan Lin Lai
Mr. Lee Fei Lung
Mr. Leung Wing Kit
Miss Lam Chung Chong
Miss Wong Po Lin


Computer operation and basic skills
Graphic editing - MS Paint, Photoimpact
Word processing - Notepad, MS Word
Chinese input - Introduction, handwriting recognition device, quick input method
Internet application - Uses of browsers, search engines and emails
Webpage design - MS Word
Spreadsheet - MS Excel
Presentation - MS PowerPoint
Multi-media and animation - Video Studio, iPortfolio
iPad applications - Smart Apps Creator
Programming Language - Scratch, ScratchJr, Micro:bit


P1 Finding Joy In Group Work -A Poster Design Competition
P2 English Typing Competition
P3 ‘The Leader in Me’ Story Competition ( ScratchJr)
P4 Finding Joy Through Working Together’- A Powerpoint Presentation Competition
P5 Chinese Character Typing Competition (Easy Cangjie) - 'The Leader in Me'
P6 iPortfolio Competition