• To broaden students' experience in the use of different senses, aesthetic perception and arts
  • To enable students to express their feelings and thoughts through arts
  • To help students develop visual cognition, generic skills and meta-cognitive skills through appreciating and creating artwork


Panel Head:
Ms POON Lai-man

Ms CHAN Hoi-in
Ms CHIK Chun-ngan
Ms CHU Yin-hung
Ms LAW Oi-ping
Ms NG Shuk-wa
Ms NG Wai-ling
Ms PONG Wai-kuen
Ms SUNG Lok-yiu


Sketching, painting, printmaking, design, sculpture, crafts


Beautifying the campus
Decoration for festivals
Display of students' work
Visual Arts Competition
Creative Student Award Scheme

Exhibition of Primary School Students' Creative Visual Arts Work
External competitions
Visiting exhibitions
Artist-in-Residence programme

Activities relating to guidance programmes of whole-school approach

Useful Links

  1. Theories - Introducing visual elements and the organisation theory
  2. Theories - Introducing visual elements and the organisation theory
  3. Artists - Introducing western artists of different centuries and their work
  4. Hong Kong Museum of Art - Introducing recent exhibitions and activities
  5. Visual Literacy (e-learning)
  6. Creative Student Award Scheme - Providing information for the participants of the "Creative Student Award Scheme"
  7. Museum of Art on Wheels – This online learning resource is organized by the Hong Kong Museum of Art. With a series of interactive online games, students will embark on an exciting journey to discover the beauty of Chinese Calligraphy, as well as the unique culture of Hong Kong.