To enable every learner:

  • To strengthen listening and speaking skills
  • To understand phonetics and be able to communicate
  • To explore Chinese culture and cultivate a sense of belonging


Panel Head:
Miss Ngai Bun

Miss Wong Wing Sum
Miss Law Lok Man
Miss Cheung Pui Kei
Miss Cheung Kin Chu

Miss Fung Sze Man
Miss Chow Wing Yiu


Listening, speaking, phonetics, translation, Putonghua songs, solo-verse speaking


Poem appreciation
Language week
Putonghua Story-telling and Speech Contest
Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
P.5-6 Putonghua Talent Competition
Inter-Primary Schools Putonghua Talent Contest (organised by Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union)
The 23th Hong Kong Secondary and Primary Schools Putonghua Speech Contest
International Putonghua Contest
Good Deed Cup