To enable every learner:

  • To strengthen listening and speaking skills
  • To understand phonetics and be able to communicate
  • To explore Chinese culture and cultivate a sense of belonging


Panel Head:
Miss Ngai Bun

Miss Wong Wing Sum
Miss Law Lok Man
Miss Cheung Pui Kei
Miss Cheung Kin Chu

Miss Fung Sze Man


Listening, speaking, phonetics, translation, Putonghua songs, solo-verse speaking


Poem appreciation
Language week
Putonghua Story-telling and Speech Contest
Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
P.5-6 Putonghua Talent Competition
Inter-Primary Schools Putonghua Talent Contest (organised by Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union)
The 22th Hong Kong Secondary and Primary Schools Putonghua Speech Contest
International Putonghua Contest
Good Deed Cup