To enable every learner:

  • To maintain proper personal development and become a confident, rational and responsible citizen
  • To understand his/her roles and responsibilities at home and in the society
  • To develop the national identity and be committed to serve the country and the world
  • To be interested in understanding the nature and the technological world
  • To care and protect the environment
  • To apply discovery learning


Panel Head:
Ms WONG Ka-wai

Vice Panel Head:
Ms CHAN Yan-kei

Mr FUNG Si-lok
Ms CHEUNG Wai-sum
Ms FUNG Sze-ki
Mr YAU Pak-ming
Ms CHAN Chung-lai
Mr NG Hoi-ming
Ms PAU Siu-tim
Ms PONG Wai-kuen
Ms CHU Yin-hung
Ms TSOI Wing-shan
Ms CHAN Ming-sum
Mr CHEUNG Wai-lun
Ms SIT Sin-hung
Ms YU Wai-um
Ms CHEUNG Ching-yee
Mr LEUNG Wing-kit
Ms CHEUNG Man-ting
Ms LAW Lok-man
Ms WONG Wing-sum
Ms CHAN Ka-man
Mr LO Shing-cheong
Ms CHAN On-ni
Ms FUNG Sze-man
Ms YEUNG Pik-kei
Ms CHOW Wing-yiu
Ms CHENG Ka-lam


P1-6 General Studies & Science


Science and Technological Activities
All-round Educational Activity
Project Learning / Problem-based Project Learning
Paper Aeroplane Folding Competition
Science Fiction Drawing Competition
Seminar on Sex Education
Poster Design Competition
Flying Machine Design Competition
Creative Invention Draft Design Competition
Eco Friendly Toy Boats Competition
Seminar on "The Issue of Marine Plastic Pollution"
Quiz on National Security Education
Step-by-Step Analysis on Scientific Experiments
9th Renewable Energy on DIY Green Car Design Competition
Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition 2021-2022
Summer Programme on Mathematics, Science and General Studies 2022
10-minute Science 2021-2022