To enable every learner:

  • To be interested in learning Mathematics
  • To understand basic concepts and grasp the skills for accurate calculation
  • To develop higher order thinking skills, the ability to communicate, problem solving techniques and creativity
  • To be sensitive to numbers and dimensions and appreciate the regular patterns and conformation of numbers and geometry figures
  • To strength his/her life-long learning ability through learning basic knowledge


Panel Head:
Mr TSANG Kin-fun

Vice Panel Head:
Ms FUNG Shuk-yee

Ms CHAN Wing-man
Mr CHEUNG Wai-lun
Ms CHU Yin-hung
Mr FUNG Si-lok
Ms HUI Li-li
Ms Lai Ching-chui
Ms LAM Chung-chong
Mr LEE Fei-lung
Mr LEUNG Wing-kit
Ms PAU Siu-tim
Ms SUNG Lok-yiu
Mr WONG Sze-lok
Ms YAU Lan-ying


Mathematics (CMI, EMI)


Mathematics Competition
Mental Arithmetic Day
Fun with Math
Creative Fitting
Mathematical Troop Award Scheme
Tongue-twisters (Multiplication Table)
Gifted Mathematics Training Programme
Statistical Activity
Star of Multiplication Table Contest