To enable every learner:

  • To be interested in learning Mathematics
  • To understand basic concepts and grasp the skills for accurate calculation
  • To develop higher order thinking skills, the ability to communicate, problem solving techniques and creativity
  • To be sensitive to numbers and dimensions and appreciate the regular patterns and conformation of numbers and geometry figures
  • To strength his/her life-long learning ability through learning basic knowledge


Panel Head:
Miss Fung Shuk Yee
Miss Kwok Choi Ha

Mr Lee Fei Lung
Miss Yau Lan Ying
Mr Tsang Kin Fun
Mr Cheung Wai Lun
Miss Pau Siu Tim
Miss Chu Yin Hung

Miss Yu So Han
Miss Hui Li Li
Mr Leung Wing Kit
Miss Lam Chung Chong
Mr Wong Sze Lok
Mr Fung Si Lok
Miss Chan Wing Man
Miss Cheung Ching Yee 


Mathematics (CMI, EMI)


Mathematics Competition
Abalone Competition
Mental Arithmetic Week
Fun with Maths
Creative Fitting
Mathematical Troop Award Scheme
Tongue-twisters (Multiplier Table)
Gifted Mathematics Training Programme
Statistical Activity