• To reinforce students' positive, self-motivating and rule-abiding behavior
  • To help students' internalize positive values and develop self-discipline over the long term so that when they leave school, they will be responsible citizens


Head of Discipline Committee:
Miss Chan Lin Lai

Deputy Head of Discipline Committee:
Mr. Lee Fei Lung

Miss Wong Po Lin
Miss Ng Shuk Wa
Miss Yu Wai Um
Mr. Wong Wing Sum
Miss Ng Siu Mei

Leadership Training

Monitors, Prefects, Student Association


Inter-Class Cleanliness Competition
Student Leaders' Training Camp



  • To facilitate the growth of students at different stages of development through provision
  • To encourage students to participate in various services and activities both within and outside school, so as to help them develop personal plans for future development as well as explore their potentials and enhance their self-respect
  • To nurture students to respect themselves and others as well as be self-disciplined. To be positive and optimistic, responsible and responsive to changes, etc. so as to help them meet the challenges in learning and in life


Head of Counselling Committee:
Miss Wong Pui Yu

Miss Chu Yin Hung
Miss Chan Ming Sum
Miss Pau Siu Tim
Miss Chim Mei Mei
Mr. Leung Wing Kit
Miss Law Lok Man
Mr. Fung Si Lok
Miss Chan On Ni
Miss Fung Sze Ki
Miss Ching Shuk Yin
Mr. Leung Chon Lai
Miss Yee Wing Yin


Little Angels
Buddy Programme
Little Teachers
Student Self-Challenge Award Scheme
P.1-2 Parent-child Adventure Day
Whole School Guidance Programme - Life Education

Personal Guidance Service
Mr. Li Chik Wai Student Guidance Officer(EDB)
Ms Chan Chau Wun Counselling Psychologist
Ms Yan Lok Yiu Counselling Psychologist Trainee