The Preparatory Period (1916 - 1925)

The population of Kowloon Peninsula increased dramatically in the 20th century, leading to the need of its rapid expansion and development. Two businessmen, Sir HO Kai and Mr. AU Tak (also known as AU Chak-mun), founded Kai Tak Investment Company to reclaim 120 acres of land in the north of Kowloon Bay. A residential area with a few hundred houses, outside the Walled City, was developed near Lung Tsun Stone Bridge. In view of the lack of schools in that residential area, Dr. TS’O Seen-wan suggested raising funds to build a school. Mr. AU Chak-mun passed away and bequeathed a donation of HK$10,000 to support Dr. TS’O Seen-wan’s plan. Later, Mr. MOK Kon-sang, a lenient businessman, donated HK$10,000 as the start-up fund of the school. Rev. Arthur Dudley Stewart, Principal of St. Paul’s College, was entrusted with the preparatory work. Mr. Rufus HUANG, a teacher of St. Stephen’s College at Stanley, was appointed as the founding principal of the school. A three-storey building at 2 Kai Tak Bun and the neighbouring open area were rented as the school building and the playground respectively. Some of the furniture was donated by Rev. Arthur Dudley Stewart. In commemoration of the contribution of Mr. AU Chak-mun and Mr. MOK Kon-sang, the school was named after them as Munsang College.

The Beginning Period (1926 - 1938)

Classes began on 8thMarch, 1926, with one class each in junior secondary 1, 2 and 3. There were 18 male students. The Anniversary Day of the College has been marked on the same day since then.

In 1927, the primary and kindergarten sections were set up. In 1928, the boys’ senior secondary section was set up. The areas at 45 and 47 Kai Yan Road near Kai Tak Bun were rented as the school buildings due to the increasing number of students. The ground floor was used as classrooms for the primary and kindergarten sections, whereas the second and third floors were used as the students’ dormitories.

The Campus Relocation Period (1939 - 1940)

A total of HK$11,000 was raised for building a new campus in the 10th Anniversary. In July 1937, the College bought 120,000 square feet of farmland which became the existing school site along Dumbarton Road. In September 1939, a hall and 12 classrooms were completed. There were 525 students. On 26th November, the Munsang College Alumni Association was founded.

The Suspension Period (1941 - 1945)

The Pacific War extended to Hong Kong in the winter of 1941. The Japanese army occupied the campus. School activities were suspended.

The Resuming Period (1945 - 1954)

In August 1945, the Japanese army surrendered. However, the campus was occupied by the British army. Civilian houses at Hau Wong Road were rented for the resumption of the primary section of the College. In May 1946, the campus on Grampian Road was returned to the College but only the primary section resumed operation. The number of students increased to 200. The College became a non-profit private school. The co-ed secondary section was re-established in September 1949.

The Consolidation Period (1955 - 1962)

In May 1955, the school council was reorganised. Dr. Lam Chi Fung was appointed as the Chairman and Supervisor. The kindergarten section resumed operation. A new building with 6 classrooms for the kindergarten section was completed. It was demolished and replaced by a new 5-storey building (Block A) in 1976. The College celebrated its 30th Anniversary. In November 1957, the second phase of the engineering project (present Block D, Room 05 - 11) was completed. This block is a 4-storey building with classrooms, staff rooms and three laboratories. In June 1962, the third phase of the engineering project (present Block C and D (Room 01 - 04)) was completed.

The Expansion and Modernisation Period (1963 onwards)

The sixth and the seventh forms of the secondary section resumed operation in September 1963 and 1964 respectively. The old school hall was demolished for redevelopment in March 1968. The new school hall was approved for use on 9th January, 1969. There were six classrooms and a fitness room underneath.

Owing to the implementation of the 9-year free and compulsory education, the self-financed policy of the secondary section was converted into the first phase of the subsidised mode in 1975, leading to the expansion of classes. 

Block A, a building for the kindergarten and primary sections, was completed in June 1977. The secondary section officially became a “subsidised school” in 1978. 

Block E, a building with specialised rooms, was completed in 1979. The swimming pool was available and put into use on 26th May, 1981. 

The Alumni Association launched a fund-raising project for building the Diamond Jubilee Building (Block F) in the 60th Anniversary of the College, 1986. Our founding principal, Mr. Rufus HUANG, officiated at the Inauguration Ceremony of this building.

Block C was renamed as LIM Por-yen Building on 29th May, 1993 in commemoration of his donation. In the same year, air-conditioners were installed in the specialised rooms and classrooms for the kindergarten and primary sections. A new laboratory building (Block G) and a new lecture theatre, Dr. Daniel LAM Lecture Theatre, were completed in September.
The 70th anniversary Thanksgiving Service and the Opening Ceremony of Munsang College Archive were held on 8th March, 1996.

The College celebrated its 71st anniversary on 7th March, 1997. A time capsule was enshrined in the campus.

In December 1997, the expansive project of Block G commenced with the addition of one extra floor for laboratories. The laboratories on 3/F were replaced with a library for the secondary section. The old library atop Block D was changed into an art room and a multi-media learning centre (MMLC) for the primary section. The UG/F of the hall became students’ resting area. 
Munsang College (Hong Kong Island), a CMI secondary school, was founded at 26 Tai On Street, Sai Wan Ho in 1999. 

The expansion of Block G was completed in January 2000. The Quality Education Fund subsidised not only the primary section, but also the secondary section, for constructing MMLCs. The replacement of the television room in Block A with a computer room was self-financing. 
The College celebrated its 75th Anniversary on 8th March, 2001. 
The 80th Anniversary of the College is from 1st September, 2005 to 31st August, 2006. The Hon. Rita FAN (GBS, JP) officiated at its Opening Ceremony.
The Hon. LEUNG Chun-ying (GBS, JP) officiated at the Open Day cum Opening Ceremony of Block H on 3rd March, 2006.

The Chapel was officially opened on 7th March, 2008.
The Hon. Edward Yau (JP) officiated at the Opening Ceremony of the Roof Garden and CARE on 8th March, 2011, in the 85th Anniversary.